WEB design


The fast living times call for a businessman's fast reaction to market demands. Almost everyone can achieve the quality, most of them can ensure the needed and expected delivery time, guarantee and service became the everyday fact, so the ones offering a product need lots of hard work to obtrude even if they have top class products or services. That is why the western business world has oriented towards the most powerful weapons – quality communication and marketing

How to make new investments in the middle of the economy crisis?

Cutting the costs is the first repond to a crisis.

Just like you do, all entrepreneurs seek for the answer: How to lower the costs and increase productivity?

There are many ways, but in every option you need to make your first step, create your own internet presentation, i.e. WEB page. Besides helping you to present yourself, even at places where you will never go to offer your product or service, it will ensure you the whole day presence, without additional costs. Internet communication is almost free of charge, and with the value of a tank of gasoline you can ensure the Internet presentation for the whole year. Imagine how much gasoline your company will save thanks to WEB presentation.

There is a rule on the market today – each serious company has and Internet presentation. How many times have you been asked whether you had a WEB page? You were looking for an answer and excuse. There are lots of companies with negative experience – they have given some money to a young cousin or neighbour, or a student who is not available now and there is no WEB page nor data. However, it is time to have a serious approach to your WEB presentation just as you do it to your production or service. The competition has already done a good job!

What to do?

Allow the professionals to create your WEB page for the same price as "a boy from the neighbourhood " will do it.

What do we offer?


  • Experienced journalists will, with your expert help, write texts for your WEB presentation. The text will be accompanied by a high-quality photograph created by our photographers. Everything will be connected by a design, which will join the soul of your business, i.e. your product or service, with the expectations from your clients. Zes, all of that is possible for the same price your "boy from the neighbourhood" has offered.
  • Of course, if your business demands maximum complex and careful approach to the public, if you want to sale over the Internet, or a page with a large number of users and registrations, we will offer you a WEB Shop or WEB Portal, i.e. other form of communication or sale that will lead to minimum costs. If you compare the costs logically – it is easier to sell or get your money back via WEB shop than to employ commercialists, vehicles, pay-checks and create other costs. Many of our clients have already been doing that. Why don't you just use the other people's experience?
  • And moreover, maybe the most important thing, our tem will train one or two of your employees to easy access the content and change it if necessary, and that service is included into the price.


Hoping that we helped you to reach the needed information, we send you our greetings expecting your call to negotiate the co-operation.

All necessary information and prices on phone number: +387 35 360 715, or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or visit us at  Fra Grge Martića 8 (Tehnograd Company head office building)