Do you want your own video presentation? Do you want to upload a short video-clip on the internet? Do you want a corporation film of 10 or 30 minutes? You want to record a plant opening, new product release, a celebration or an event, and you don't know how. You can solve all those problems at BMG. We will design and create the script and make a corporative film, create a sufficient number of top-quality copies, so you can introduce yourself at the most demanding places. If you go on fairs, welcome your business partners at your firm or you are trying the other way to present your firm – all these ways can't be as efficient as when we make a film about your company. You will not spend energy on constant repetition and explaining – you just watch an interesting film with your guest and then you start negotiating and making deals. Our recommendation is that the film should be 10-15 minutes long, and if you wish, we can come up with other solutions.

You often remember nice occasions at your company from the past. You had important guests. You won the prizes. You opened a new facility or organized a ceremony, and you do not have anything memorized. The value of such recordings cannot be paid. In order to prevent such things in the future, grab a chance and record your events. Check the conditions we work under and make sure that our services are favourable and have quality. Time passes fast. And this is the way to keep a piece of the time for yourself!!!