For decades, the trend in western business world is a significant investment in market procession, direct communication with public (PR) and quality marketing presentation in order to create important economic effects for a business. While the world class companies have been walking large steps towards prosperity, only the large business systems use these possibilities.

However, open market and strong competition have created the need for each company or organization in Bosnia and Herzegovina to have its own unique, original and efficient approach to their products and services consumers. Even in situations when they have their own PR official or PR team, which does the technical jobs in the field of communicating, better companies often use the external PR team to do their strategic planning.

We proudly inform you that BMG Tuzla has trained a young, expert and quality team that can respond to all your needs, without your nervousness, obligation to employ new people and paying expensive duties for your employees. We are the first PR agency in Tuzla region and one of the most successful in Bosnia and Herzegovina. We are here every day, with you and behind you, the whole team of young experts, working very favourable conditions. Check us!

What do we do?

Create and improve your personal image and your company's image.

In order to achieve that, we create communication strategies (internal and external), based on expert detailed and quality analyses.

The public trust media, and we enable your presence in media, i.e. public.

In crisis situations, with the use of rich experience and expert knowledge, we create the crisis communicating strategy and its implementation plan, and based on that, we carefully, with expertise, and persistently work on overcoming the communication crisis.

We organize press conferences. We invite journalists and prepare "entering" information for them, and send the information to over 500 addresses of journalists and media; we emsure quality press conference hosts. If you wish, we ensure the space, coctails, do the filming and creation of video materials from the event etc.

Our PR Team, having economic consultants besides journalists, suggests you the activities for your company covering them completely and continuously, and sends them into public.

We place the information, complete texts and photos into media, and send them to numerous companies in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region, with the aim to spread the information and make more benefit for our client.

We monitor and analyze the competition business doing.

We can organize a briefing before you present yourselves to the media or in other occasion.

According to your demand, we create monthly, weekly or daily press clipping (segments from printed and internet media) with the analysis helping the management to make more quality decisions.

We organize your product or company's presentation.

We create promotion films about your company or organization.

We organize sweepstakes and competitions.

We organize round tables, seminars, symposiums, congresses, and other events for you.