Welcome to BMG "Bosanska Medijska Grupa" official web page. Our motto is that the client has to have everything in one place. That is why we have developed and improved the whole set of services, which will lead to your company's better business doing its image keeping.

Our young team of experts offers the services of:

- Public relations (PR)
- event organization
- marketing and representation in marketing
- printing and publishing
- all kinds of graphics and WEB design
- WEB programming
- professional photographing
- video production

We can offer you everything a serious firm needs: logotype, memorandum, WEB page, top quality printed and electronic catalogues development, presence in media, total promotion implementation, anniversary celebration organization, fairs, new buildings opening ceremony, festivals organization, promo-text and photography distribution, corporative film making etc.

Everyone who has done business with us, does it again.

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BMG Bosanska Medijska Grupa